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Après le succès de l'Agile Tour Lausanne en 2022 et 2023, voilà notre première édition à Genève le 6 juin 2024, avec le thème Agilité à l’échelle au delà des frameworks.

♠ Quel est l’impact de la mise à l’échelle sur la culture de l’entreprise? 

♦ Quel est le rôle des leaders dans cette mise à l échelle?

♥ Quels sont les freins de la mise à l’échelle?

... mais aussi un peu de sujets sur les frameworks.

After the success of the Agile Tour Lausanne in 2022 and 2023, we are organizing our first edition in Geneva on the 6th of June 2024, with the theme Agile at Scale, Beyond the frameworks.
♠ What is the impact of scaling on a companies culture? 
♦ What is the role of leaders when scaling Agile to many teams?
♥ What are the barriers to scaling?
... and also some sessions around the frameworks.


Keynote: Scale in Diversity; timing in teams

Nancy Beers

Agilite hors IT

Timing in diverse teams is crucial, especially in addressing the urgent need to add diversity in tech to scale and thereby solve the serious shortages of people working in the tech industry. In this interactive presentation, Nancy sheds new light on how to plan events and other meetings within a team regardless of your role. How often do you reconsider the timing of meetings within your team? And to what extent do you consider differences?

Let's use the science, insights, and preferences of our diverse team to consciously plan our meetings instead of simply relying on 'when is everyone available?' Drawing from insights in 'Deep Work' by Cal Newport and 'When' by Daniel Pink, combined with human biology and common sense, Nancy has experimented with different teams to discover the perfect timing within a specific team. This talk delves into hormone levels, neurological insights, and chronotypes that influence the best timing for certain meetings at specific times.

And of course, we will also play, what else would you expect from a game-based learning expert? Note: after experiencing this presentation, it's a good idea to let your team know that agendas are going to be shaken up..


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