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Product Owner Secrets - an interactive workshop


13 octobre 2020 à 17:00:00


En ligne


We’d like to continue with the theme of interactive online events with a workshop around the role of the Product Owner.
When you register, you can share what questions(s) you would like answered and we will answer them all together. You will receive a link in the registration confirmation Email to do so.

We will organise the agenda based on the input we receive beforehand, so register early to make sure your questions are analysed by us.

We are likely to start off from fundamental points and progress onto deeper topics, and should have sufficient time to allow development of discussion and perhaps some ad hoc questions toward the end.

So if you liked our previous Open Space or want to learn something new and be heard by the community, make a note to join this Product Owner workshop on the 13 th October at 19:00 for 90mins.

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